How to Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article Best Way

Write SEO Friendly Article
Write SEO Friendly Article

Hello and welcome to my Blog, In this article I’m going to tell you about how to write an SEO friendly article for your blog or website. 

The tactics which I have mentioned below are very effective. By following the mentioned below tactic, you can write an optimized blog post and rank your post on the no.1 page of Google Search engine.

I followed the same tactics to grow my site, and now it’s time to improve your website by applying these effective tactics.

What is SEO?

The best way to define website SEO is by how search engines organize their results. Search engines all use sophisticated mathematical equations known as ‘algorithms’ that take into account the “ranking factor” in which websites rank about providing search engine users with these links, which are very relevant and essential to their question. These algorithms look at industry secrets, but there are basic guidelines that will improve any website.

1. Keyword Research 

Keyword research is an essential step in your post. If you choose the right keyword, that means you have done with 80% of your SEO. Finding the keyword may be a difficult task, but if you found it, then think that you are now ready to rank on the first page of Google.

How to do Keyword Research

Using Google

By using Google, you will get the best keyword, which will convert you to high traffic to your site.

Open Google and type your primary keyword but don’t hit enter or search. 

To find the keyword hit space, Google will suggest some keywords related to your primary keyword. You can also put space between the keyword or before the keyword. Google will suggest some long-tail keywords.

Note down that keyword in a text editor or notepad.

Check Difficulty Using Google

Now before writing check the difficulty level, here also we use Google to find the difficulty of that keyword.

Again open Google and type your keyword between(“Keyword”) Double Quotation. Eg. Let’s assume that your keyword is How To start a Blog. So search like this “How To start a Blog.” 

After that, Google will refine all the search results if the number of search results in less than goes for that keyword. 

And If you want to check how many websites have used that Title in their article. To find which site is already using that keyword, before your keyword type intitle: Your Keyword. You will get the result of how many posts have already used that Title.

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2. Use Headings

While writing an article, use headings in your article. It makes your article more accessible. Due to this, users can interact very easily without any hassles.

When you are writing your article, you will commonly get six types of heading—H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 they are arranged in descending order. H1 being the highest (or most important) and H6 the least (less important).

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3. Split Your Article

Split up your article into three different parts. They are as follows

  1. Intro
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion (Outro)

How to write Intro

Start your article with an introduction which you will go on to explain in that article, also write some attractive and engaging lines which keep the visitor interested. The writing intro will make your visitor stay on your site.

Main Body

Provide the best and unique content to your user related to that topic; if you had written all the details about that topic, the user would not bounce back from your site. So it is necessary to provide a full detailed article related to that topic.


Ending up with a conclusion is the best way to make your article look professional. It also helps Google crawler to indicate that this article is well optimized for users.

A conclusion should not be a big paragraph, end up with a small paragraph, and also asking the user to share your article on social media plus comment down below on your site.

This creates a high chance that users will share your post on social platforms.

4. Attractive Title

Write an attractive title, and your post will increase your CTR (click-through rate). If you write a dry title, no one wishes to click on your post. There is some checklist you have to keep in mind while giving the Title. Some of the checklist I have mention below.

  1. Your Title Should be less Than 60 Character
  2. Contain Focus Keyword
  3. Use Power Word
  4. Include Numbers
  5. Use Solve problem Keyword
  6. Add question

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5. Linking

Linking your previous article in your recent article increase the chance to get more and more traffic to your website. Linking the previous article is one of the most popular practices to make your article SEO friendly.

Let pick a question which might occur, how many linking should be there in a single post?

The simple answer for this there is no limit, but you should not do the spamming, Linking too many links in a single post, it indicates the google crawler that you are doing spamming, This may result in rank down your site.

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