Top 10 Hacking Techniques

Hacking Techniques

1. Bait and switch

Bait-and-switch is a fraud used in retail sales. It is a type of hacking. In this method of hacking, the hacker get accessed to victim site and create some new pages related other topic that usually doesn’t cover, The victim may not be aware of that page which is created by hacker.

2. Cookie theft

What are cookies? Cookies stored on your computer or PC in the form of a text file. The browser and server use it. It saves some necessary information about your password, and some other information.they are subdivided into two types of session cookies, and another one is Persistent cookies. Cookie theft attack is also known as session hijacking.

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3. ClickJacking Attacks

clickjacking is a trick used by hackers, the user clicks the web element which is not visible to the user if it is visible, but in that element, there are some other contents injected by a hacker. Nowadays usually their many websites where we go to download something, but it redirects us to other websites, this causes downloading malware into your PC, and by this many sensitive information are sent to the hacker like our password, etc.

4. ViruTrojan, etc.

Trojan or trojan horse is a type of malware that injected in a software or application. It helps the hacker to get access to the user’s system. The hacker can steal the data or modify data or can transfer to it. There are many types of Trojan.

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5. Phishing

The phishing attack is used to gain user password or some credential data. The hacker social engineering tool is used for the phishing attack hacker to create a fake login page or any other trick to manipulate the victim mentality. If the victim gets manipulated the victim enter his detail on that site by this, the hacker gets the sensitive data of the victim

6. Eavesdropping (Passive Attacks)

Passive attack or eavesdropping is using as a network attack. In this Open port and vulnerabilities are scanned, and the system is monitor.

7. Fake WAP (Evil twin Attack)

Fake wap is using in network attacks. In this method, a hacker creates a wifi network looking the same as victims. There are thing what hacker do with is the technique to steal your password and login or get access to your device.

8. Waterhole attacks

The waterhole is a security exploit attack in which hacker spy on the user and collect information where he/she and his/her group is visiting on the web, once the hacker finds the correct place, infect that site with malware, after the victim or his/her group get targeted.

9. Denial of Service (DoSDDoS)

A denial-of-service (DoS) is an attack, where a hacker prevents a legitimate user from getting access to servers or any other internet source there are many types of DoS attacks.

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10. Keylogger

Keylogger is a type of surveillance technology monitor keystrokes typed on a PC keyboard.

It is also known as keystrokes logger. It used as a spy tool to steal credential data from the user.

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