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What is SSL?

SSL, What SSL means, the full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. So now the SSL full form is clear. SSL is an essential thing for a website, and it also helps in SEO.

Nowadays everyone is using and doing every work on intern you can say that this era of the Internet. We visit many websites on the Internet. Still, there is some website that is not secure. Many people explore some site like which has a payment mode or entering some credential data which can be leak using Man In Middle Attack or by any other technique.

We must ensure that where we are entering any credential data like bank details or online payment is secured with SSL. You can identify which site are secure and which are not. The site URL will have ( https//) show that this is a secure site.

The site which is not using SSL certificate, here your data may be stole or leaks by any third person. The SSL certificate installed sites have a padlock icon.

Importance of SSL 

SSL certificate helps you to rank on the Google search engine. Google algorithm analyzes and ranks the website, which is having SSL install on site. The plus point is that if you have install SSL on your site, then people trust on your site and visit again for information if you don’t have SSL install the user feel insecure on that site and never visit again. Now install the SSL certificate if you don’t have the SSL certificate on your website.


The data of any site is hosted on a server where the browser sends the command and access the data. The black hat hacker takes advantage of this working. They collect our all sensitive and credential data while exploring anything on the Internet.

Here what SSL came to secure our data from hackers. The SSL certificate encrypts the data between the browser and the server.

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