Screen Time on iPhone

Screen Time on Your iPhone 11

Screen Time on iPhone

The Screen Time setting offers you the ability to have real-time access to your activities on your mobile device as you can view the weekly report on how much time you have spent on your iPhone 11. It offers you the leverage of setting time limits on mobile device usage. This set comes in handing when you feel you are beginning to slide the slope of mobile usage addiction downwards, most notably in using fun apps such as games. Screen Time is not for phone owners only as it gives parents the ability to set parental control for their kids as well.

To navigate to the Screen Time, go to Settings and open the Screen Time tab. Turn it on and tap. Continue to proceed. You would then have the option of selecting My Device, or This is My Child’s Device. There are two ways to create restrictions on your child’s device. The first is to do that on their iPhone, while the second option is to do that through your own iPhone 11 using the Family Sharing Setting.

The Family Sharing feature also enables you to view reports and tweak settings on your child’s mobile device right from your own iPhone. To ensure that you alone have access to changing the Screen Time settings, you can create a passcode to authenticate any form of changes such as extending screen time. It is advisable you choose a passcode different from the one you use in unlocking your phone. 

To create a passcode for the screen time, open your Setting and go to the Screen Time feature where you should see your wards name. Click on the child you want to adjust screen time setting for and tap on the Change Screen Time Passcode to create a passcode. You would be required to authenticate the change using either your Face ID, Apple passcode, or your Touch ID. IF you want to take off the Screen Time passcode, simply tap o the Turn Off Screen Time Passcode.

To use the Family Sharing, when you open your Settings, navigate to the Screen Time and open Set up Screen Time for Family. Follow the instructions provided on how to set up your Screen Time Family and add a child to your family. You can always add family members or children through the Family Sharing feature. From your own device, you can then get reports anytime you want and adjust the settings as required. Since you are in control, you can share music, games, movies, and other apps that are safe for your kids to navigate through.

The Screen Time provides you with a detailed report on your device usage, including apps opened and websites visited, so to view this complete report, just go to the Setting and open up the Screen Time, then Tap the Sell All Activity under the graphical representation. From here, you can get a quick glance at which apps you have used the most and decide if it is necessary to set some sort of limit on that app. If you want to get information on all your devices that are signed in with your Apple ID, for example, if you wish to view the report on your iPad using your iPhone 11, toggle on the Share Across Devices button.


Downtime is setting a period when you put all phone functions to a halt, except for phone calls and apps that you excluded from the Downtime. Downtime only has control over the apps that you have enabled Screen Time for. You would be given a five minutes notice before the Downtime begins, and your screen time apps go to sleep.

App Limits

The App Limits helps you choose what app you want to limit its usage. One perfect scenario is limiting gaming apps and social networking apps that limit your productivity. This could be done when you feel a sense of addiction for yourself or your kids to a gaming app, or you think you need to be more productive at work, so you want to limit your chatting, twitting, and texting. By midnight every day, your App limit refreshes, and you can choose to extend or end the limits anytime you want to.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

The Content and Privacy Restriction section are where you would want to make the most adjustments if you would like to protect your kids from been exposed to inappropriate content. With this, you have control over the kind of content that appears on your iPhone, and you can block downloads and prevent purchases. You don’t want to be that mum who would wake up one day to see that her daughter just ordered a truckload of her favorite toys. So, the earlier you set those restrictions, the better.

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Always Allowed

There are apps you feel that are still useful, and you don’t want them turned off for a moment. The Always Allowed feature helps you keep such apps functional so you can still have access to them even when the Downtime triggers on. These Apps would remain turned on even when you turn on the All Apps & Categories app limit on. By default, the Phone Call, Phone Messages, FaceTime, and Maps apps are always allowed, you can still choose to remove them.

Parental Control Tips for Your Child’s iPhone

As explained earlier on in the Content & Privacy Restrictions, you can limit app usage and protect your child from getting exposed to explicit content and making purchases with your phone. In this section, I would provide steps on how to set content and privacy restrictions, how to prevent iTunes and App Store purchases, how to block explicit material, and stop downloads.

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