Reset Windows 10, 8, 7 Password Using Kali Linux

How To Reset Windows 10, 8, 7 Password Using Kali Linux

Today we will learn how to rest any windows password using Kali Linux. We need a Kali Linux USB bootable drive, which allows to rest windows password. If you don’t have a USB drive, you can create by going here Techno Tanveer.

Reset password kali linux

If you already have a booted Kali Linux USB drive, then follow me.

  • Insert your booted Kali Linux USB drive on your PC or Laptop
  • Restart your PC or Laptop
  • Press boot menu key ( Depending on your PC or Laptop)
  • Select your bootable USB drive
  • Select Live Kali Linux

Now it will take a few minutes and run some commands after that it will take you to the Home screen of Kali Linux.

Now go to the File Manager and open it, select the other location. Then you have to choose the drive where your Windows is installed. Now select the Windows folder in that drive. And right-click on it and open with the terminal.

Now enter these command given below

cd System32/config/
ls -l SAM
chntpw -l SAM

After entering the above commands, you will see all user list, select the user, you want to reset the password.

chntpw -u user name SAM

Now it will provide you with some options to select. You can choose any option according to your needs. Enter 1 to clear the password. And then y to confirm it.


Don’t misuse this method. This is only for education purpose. Practice it on your PC or Laptop. If you are using, take permission from the owner. Please don’t use it for any illegal purpose. It may put you in trouble.

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