Reason Why To Switch Ubuntu

Reason Why To Switch Ubuntu? Windows 7 Users

Reason Why To Switch Ubuntu? Windows 7 Users 

Reason Why To Switch Ubuntu? Windows 7 Users

Windows 7! Ubuntu, You are informed that Windows 7 is officially antiquated. This indicates that Microsoft will no longer support the 10-year old operating system anymore.

It is insane to believe that it has lasted ten years since the operating system was first uncovered. At the time, millions of computers over the globe still ran on Windows 7.

Microsoft’s Windows OS currently operates 90% of the business share for desktop workstations, so the problem of what advantages a Linux distro has?, mainly Ubuntu, holds over Windows might appear as a surprise.

But don’t be misled, my friends – various features make Ubuntu a better OS for your workstation than Windows OS.

Here is my list of the Top Advantages Ubuntu has Over Windows 7 OS.

Ubuntu is Free (to Download and Install)

I suppose you thought this being the primary point on our list. But the point that Ubuntu is free of the cost goes beyond many customers’ need to not pay for stuff.

Because Ubuntu and several of the applications it works are free, millions of people wherever they are in the world can use affordable machines that run not just a useful OS, but also properly-developed applications.

Various schools can’t provide Windows computers can quickly resort to the beautiful open-source Linux distro without the concern of losing productivity, excellence, or performance.

Ubuntu is Fully Customizable

Have you heard theming Windows before? Was it a pleasant experience? Windows 10 does a more excellent job at customization than its antecedents, but also at that, you can hardly personalize specific segments.

Ubuntu is customizable from the time you install it. The latest version uses the GNOME desktop environment, which enables you to personalize practically every single portion of your UI/UX, from your notification sounds, popup style, system animations, fonts, and workspaces.

Security is guaranteed

Linux is considered to be the most secure operating system today. Many viruses and malware we see in modern-day are intended to affect Windows users. While there is too malware for Linux, these are very limited.

Linux isn’t as bothered by viruses as Windows.

This implies you might not inevitably require an antivirus software once you change to Linux. That is one less cost.

Ubuntu Runs Without Installing

Yeah, You Heard Right! You don’t necessitate to wait through a complete installation process because you can operate Ubuntu as Live straight from a pen drive.

Create a Bootable USB Drive

This indicates that you can carry your OS along with your work files, boot it on another OS workstation and take on working as if the PC is yours.

Ubuntu is Better Suited for Development

A complete Ubuntu installation comes with an out-of-the-box guide for programmers to get right to work on development projects with their machine.

After a current install, you will need to install a Python, an office suite, a text editor, Ruby, Java, etc. ere you can have a good-enough functioning environment.

I know that Windows ships as a multi-purpose, multi-use product, and so is packaged like a frame, but Ubuntu has the benefit of providing its users with an office suite, a text editor, and a kind of other productivity apps from the out-of-the-box. This saves a lot of time.

Ubuntu’s Command Line

Talk to any developer who practices Windows, and I challenge they can deny that Bash is excellent. Ubuntu arises with default support for Bash in its command line along with a kind of other commands that start working on servers, development environments, and local files much more comfortable.

Best Resources To Learn Code

Ubuntu Can Be Updated Without Restarting

It might not be a massive issue for you if you use long periods away from your computer, but think what it will cost you if, for example, you are compensated per hour, and your PC demands close to 30 minutes to install updates. Mind you, and it catches longer in some places with more delayed Internet speeds.

Ubuntu is capable of installing its updates in the background, and you will rarely need to be diverted from your work.

This is one of the reasons why Windows OS is infrequently used for services that require to be always reading e.g., serving web pages.

Ubuntu is Open-Source

You can go for Ubuntu’s source code and secure the best contributions you can to it, which in turn will enable you to be innovative while you learn about the inner workings of a fresh OS. The same can neither be answered about Windows nor macOS.

Ubuntu is More Resource-Friendly

The last but not the least point is that Ubuntu can run on earlier hardware incomparably better than Windows.

Even Windows 10 that is said to be more resource-friendly than its antecedents doesn’t do as good of a job compared to any Linux distro.

Customers who might not be capable of affording high-end laptops and desktops can, therefore, install Ubuntu on their old workstations with the confidence that they will be capable of delivering their work with little to no hiccups along the way.


What are the things you think I have forgotten out? Or perhaps you object with some of the more points. Share your suggestion with us in the comments part below.

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