What is Python used for programming? 2020

What is Python used for programming? 2020

What is Python used for programming? 2020

Introduction to Python

If you are a programmer, then you must be aware of the Python language. A python is an Object-oriented programming language that deals with the real-life problem-based solution. Python was first introduced in 1989. Python works on different OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc. Python is very easy to learn while learning Python, and you will feel that all syntax of Python is like learning the English language. Python allows the developer to do lots of work in a small amount of coding.

If you are interested to know more about Python programming language in detail and how and where Python used, than this article is for you.

What is Python used for programming?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

So let’s explore and know why Python is used for Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). According to a result, the Python language is the best programming language for ML and Al. Also, according to Google Trends, Python has immensely improved for machine learning in the last few years. 

Here is the graph of ML languages on Google Trends. You can also see the result just by clicking the link given below.

Google Trends

As we have already seen that Python is now a trendy language for ML and AI. 

There are some reasons why developers adopted Python other than other Programming languages. Here is a list of reasons.

  1. Easy To Use.
  2. Community And Corporate Support
  3. Supports Mant Libraries And Frameworks.

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Web Development

Yes, you heard, right. Python is also used in web development. Let me clear you one thing Python used on a server site that helps you to create a fully functional website. 

Python is not concern about how your website looks. Python used as a backend in web development. 

In short, you are using Python language to connect your website with Database(DB) or collect any other information from your site or vice-versa. Python eases the process of the backend of your website.

Games Development

Yes, Don’t get shocked. 

Python is also used in game development. Now a question comes to your mind if everything is possible with Python, why developers use other programming languages. 

Let me clear you that Python has lots of application which may I had not mentioned in this post. Python is a multifunctional language, but it has some specialists in different development.

You may have heard about Flappy Bird, that game was developed using Python language. There are lots of other games which are developed using Python language. You can Google it “Games developed In Python.”

Data Science and Data Visualization

If you are updated in the programming world than you must have heard that Python is becoming the fastest growing language in Data Science. If you curious to know why? 

Then you must read out the most top reason why Python is best in Data Science as well as Data Visualization.

  1. Open Source
  2. Clean Syntax
  3. Object-Oriented Programming Language
  4. Generics
  5. Data Analytics Libraries
    • ➢NumPy (Used For Mathematics Operation, etc.)
    • ➢SciPy (Used For Data Visualization, etc.)
    • ➢Matplotlib (Used For Data Visualization, etc.)
    • ➢Seabourn (Used For Data Visualization, etc.)
    • ➢Pandas (Used For Data Analysis, etc.)
    • ➢StatsModels (Used For Machine Learning, etc.)
    • ➢Scikits Learn (Used For Statical Function, etc.)

Web Scraping Applications

To understand what and how Web Scraping works, Imagin that you have to pull some large amount of data from a particular site. Then for doing things kind of thing, Python can do better for you. The requirement is you should know the python language. It makes your work quickly within a fraction of seconds.

Here are some libraries required to perform Web Scraping

  • Selenium
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Pandas

Python Actually Used List:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Web Development
  3. Game Development
  4. Desktop GUI
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. CAD Applications
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Web Scraping
  9. Computer Graphics
  10. Big Data
  11. Data Visualizations
  12. Data Science
  13. Blockchain Application
  14. Image Processing Applications
  15. Embedded Applications
  16. Cryptography
  17. Business Applications

Fun things to do with Python for beginners

  1. Play PyGames
  2. Create a Calculator
  3. Build a Blockchain
  4. Say “Hello World!” to Machine Learning
  5. Automate Boring Stuff
  6. Build a Microblog With Flask or Django

What are the features of Python?

features of Python
  1. Easy To Learn
  2. Cross-Platform
  3. Readable
  4. Huge Standard Library
  5. Open Source
  6. Exception Handling
  7. Memory Management

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Best Python projects for beginners

Desktop Notifier App

Email Slicer

Contact Book


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Dice Rolling 

Quiz Application

Currency converter

Countdown Clock and Timer



Instagram Photo Downloader

Random Password Generator

Alarm Clock


Which syntax used to comment in Python?

To comment a single line # (Pound sign)
To comment on multiple lines, at the start three ‘ ’ ’ (Apostrophe sign) and at the end, three ‘ ’ ’ (Apostrophe sign).

What is the average salary for a python developer?

The average salary for a Python Developer is ₹ 4,62,000 per year in India. (Updated in 2020)

How to take user input in python?

num = input (“Enter number :”)

How to concatenate in Python?

Use the + sign to add a variable to another variable.

What is the average time to learn Python?

The average time to learn Python as a beginner is 1.5 months.

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