Programming Language used in Artificial intelligence (AI)

Programming Language used in Artificial intelligence (AI)

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Programming languages

Programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Prolog, Lisp are the popular programming language that is used for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The developer chooses a suitable programming language as per need and functionality.



C++ is a popular programming language. It has the capability for machine learning (ML) and Neutral Network. It is one of the fastest programming languages, so it is straightforward to use as Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming. C++ provides us with less execution time which saves our time and makes our programming faster.


Here we have Java for Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming. It is the most commonly used programming language. It is easy to use; however, a little bit slower than has an automatic memory manager which makes the work faster.


Python is widely used by a developer for programming language in Artificial intelligence (AI). It is also capable of Machine Learning (ML). It is not Complex as compared to Java and c++ programming language. It also supports such as Neutral Network.


Prolog supports an underlying mechanism which is essential for Artificial intelligence programming, it is very old Programming language but also its support programming for Artificial intelligence.


Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages. It is used for development in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was invented in 1958. It has simple and unique features. Since its the oldest programming language thus also it provides to develop Artificial intelligence development.


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