Manage Contact On iPhone

Managing Contacts on Your New iPhone 11

In this section, you are going to learn how to manage and delete contacts on your new iPhone 11.

Manage Contact On iPhone

Setting Up Your Contact Accounts

The first thing to do is to link up your email accounts contacts to the Contacts App. You can set up your contacts’ accounts, such as your business directory.

First, open your Settings and tap on Password & Accounts. Then choose Add Account, select your email account and turn on Contacts. To add other contacts accounts like CardDAV and LDAP, tap on Other. Enter your details and password when prompted to do so, then tap Next to finish.

Turning Accounts Contacts on or Off

If you have already set up an account and you want to remove the contacts, follow these steps to turn off the contacts.

Locate the Settings and choose Password & Accounts. Then select the Account with the contacts you intend to add or get rid of. For adding contacts, simple toggle the Contacts button On. If you want to remove contacts, simple toggle the Contacts button Off and the press Delete Account to erase.

Setting Up Default Account for Adding New Contacts 

Since you can set up multiple accounts on your Contacts App, you would enjoy the ease of use if you choose a default account where you want your contacts to be saved. Follow these steps to choose a default account for your new contacts. Go to your Settings, then open the Contacts and tap on the Default Account. This would bring up all your contacts account for you to choose your default contacts Account.

Change How You Filter Through Your Contacts Display

Here is another setting that can significantly improve the ease of use of your iPhone 11. This has to do with changing how you sort out your contacts either alphabetically using the last name or first name. To do this, open your Settings and choose Contacts. There are three options for you to choose from, and here are there functions.

Option one is the Sort Order, which arranges your contacts based on the alphabetical ordering of the first name or last name.

Option two is the Display Order that displays the first name of your contacts before or after their last names.

Option three is the Short Name, which enables you to sort out how you want your contacts names to display in apps like Mail, and Messages.

Deleting Contacts 

There are moments when you just realize you have gathered up a lot of contacts that were once relevant but have become a bit useless to you over time, and you want to delete them to make room for more. Before removing your contacts, bear it in mind that they would be permanently removed from your device and that anyone deleted from your email account would be removed from all devices signed to that email.

So, if you’re sure you want to proceed, follow these steps. Go to your Settings and open the Contact to be deleted, then tap edit and scroll downwards to the end of the page and tap on Delete Contact, if you are sure that’s the Contact you want to delete you can proceed to tap Delete Contact again to confirm it’s deletion. 

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