Machine Learning | Algorithm & Libraries 2020

Machine Learning | Algorithm & Libraries 2020

Machine Learning 2020

Machine Learning | Algorithm & Libraries 2020

Machine learning is one of the most leading technologies in the 21st century, which is used widely by many tech companies. About the function, This technology mainly helps computers learn what human does so they can improve their performance.

This function requires three steps. The first step is finding the pattern from data. After collecting the data, the machine will analyze it by identifying the usual things or the law.

Then, from them, it will form a model for the data. Secondly, machine learning will predict the future of the model. For example, there are two columns of data.

The first column shows the prices of the product over 20 years, and the second shows the amount of consumption during that time.

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The machine will analyze the relationship between the price and the amount of use to make a model. From that, it will infer how the consumption amount would be if the price goes up or down.

The final step is making decisions from the prediction. After making predictions, the computer will repeatedly test to check whether the forecast is right or not.

If it is correct, the computer will perform actions to reflect it’s predictions. Thanks to its function, machine learning brings many applications for people. One of them is improving the search engine.

It is not difficult to see that the searching result is getting more precise than ever because the website uses machine learning algorithms to have some adjustments. Every time you search on the site, it will monitor your behavior to determine.

Also, it will skip websites that you ignore when you search. The next application is image recognition, which allows machines to identify a person through their faces.

After digitizing face’s details and analyzing them, computers will form a pattern of their faces. Then, if the image of the person matches the pattern, computers can recognize that person.

It is useful for the criminal’s identification because computers are more accurate and capable than people. They can identify a high number of people at the same time with nearly 100% correction.

Finally, machine learning is also applied in the advertisement. People often see ads that are related to what they search for before. For example, when they search for information about python.

Then, advertisements for python learning courses will pop up when you are on Facebook. The machine learning algorithm is what’s behind this application.

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This algorithm allows computers to learn what you are looking for according to your searching behaviours so they can suggest relevant advertisements.

Machine learning is a compelling technology, and obviously, it’s potentials do not end up here. Many IT experts said that there would be more applications in the next three years. The first one is the virtual customer support.

Companies will no longer need consultants who are in charge of answering customer’s questions. Instead, they need computers that use machine learning algorithms. These machines can do that job 24/7 at a low cost.

These algorithms will analyze many data from many conversations on the internet to predict answers for questions. However, this application needs AI to work. That technology will help computers think like a human. They can easily recognize what customers want.

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The final application is creating a virtual teacher. People often do grading, but there is a problem. People are sometimes biased when they are marking for students.

Therefore, this application is an excellent way to tackle this problem. Computers not only have no feelings but are also more accurate.

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This technology will allow machines to learn and store knowledge that is gotten from educational data so they can assess and grade student’s exams.

Thanks to applications of machine learning, this technology will influence many other fields. The first field that is impacted is business. Having technology saves many labor costs for companies.

They don’t have to hire people to consult and answer questions from customers because computers can do all of that. Not only that, computers can do it more effectively.

People can only work for 8 hours a day because of physical limitations. However, it is not a problem for networks. The processing speed of computers is much faster than humans. They can finish a massive amount of work in a few seconds.

Also, computers can not do bias in grading. They just follow the instructions and finish them. Therefore, marks will be more reliable. It is good to have grades quickly and correctly.

Take Vietnamese education as an example. For big exams like the uni entrance exam, getting classes faster could help students make better decisions.

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Accurate grades can make the exam fair because they give the correct assessment of students. However, this technology also brings many adverse impacts on labor.

If machine learning algorithms are well developed, the rate of unemployment will increase. Companies will replace employees with computers for their excellent. Both labor and intellectual workers are likely to be unemployed.

Top 5 Libraries For Machine Learning

  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Pandas

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • K Mean Clustering
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • XGBoost
  • Artificial Neural Network

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