Indian Engineering Explained | Top Colleges

Indian Engineering Explained | Top Colleges

Indian Engineers

In this article, we will discuss engineering. Why should we do engineering? Which college is best for engineering? Is there is any scope in engineering? So Stay tuned, and let’s explore the engineering world.

In India every year, 15 lakh to 20 lakh student appears for engineering. If we compare India with the USA, 19 thousand to 1 lakh students appear for engineering. From this margin, you can also guess that at what level India is producing engineering every year.

In India, there are 3,500 to 5,000 colleges for engineering, and they are registered with ACIT. 

If we go back a decade and observe, there are only 1600 to 1700 colleges in India for engineering.

If we talk about the placement of engineering colleges, Nowadays, the competition in engineering is very high in India as compared to other countries.

And hard to get product based company placement, on this site, I have explained in full detail how to get product based company placement you can check it out.

Aspiring Mind has conducted a case study. The result shows that 80% of engineers are unemployed in our country.

Let’s move on to why engineering students fail to get proper placement. The job can be easily accessed, but the problem is you get a low paying job.

For this reason, many of the students don’t do the low paying job, and they are unemployed, as I mentioned earlier that the competition in our country is very high in the engineering sector.

Rarely student gets a top paying placement. If you are one of them who is not getting a high paying placement go for average paying placement. After doing the job at that company, you can also apply for a better company. 

I suggest that if you are enthusiastic about being an engineer without any external force, then go for engineering.

In colleges, many students make the mistake that they are only focusing on getting a good percentage in theory, and they don’t focus on the practical.

Have you ever thought that when you are doing a job in a company where you don’t have any theory work to do most of the work are based on practical?

So focus on both because you have a useful skill. It makes it easier to crack product based companies placements. You have to build a skill-based on your interest.


  1. Indian Institutes of Technology | Delhi
  2. Indian Institutes of Technology | Bombay
  3. Indian Institutes of Technology | Kharagpur
  4. Indian Institutes of Technology | Madras
  5. Indian Institutes of Technology | Roorkee
  6. Indian Institutes of Technology | Kanpur
  7. Birla Institue of Technology and Science | Pilani
  8. Indian Institutes of Technology | (BHU) Varanasi
  9. Indian Institutes of Technology | Guwahati
  10. Anna University | Chennai


  1. University of Oxford | United Kingdom
  2. Standford University | USA
  3. Harvard University | USA
  4. California Institute of Technology | USA
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology | USA
  6. University of Cambridge | USA
  7. Princeton University | USA
  8. National University of Singapore | Singapore
  9. ETH Zurich | Switzerland
  10. Georgia Institute of Technology | USA
  11. University of California | Berkley, USA
  12. Imperial College of London | United Kingdom
  13.  University of California | Los Angeles, USA
  14. Perking University | China
  15. Nanyang Technological University | Singapore
  16. University of Michigan | USA
  17. Carnegie Mellon University | USA
  18. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne | Switzerland
  19. Delft Unversity of Technology | Netherland
  20. Tsinghua University | China
  21. Yale University | USA
  22. The University of Texas at Austin | USA
  23. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Hong Kong
  24. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | USA
  25. Cornell University | USA
  26. The Technical University of Munich | Germany
  27. RWTH Aachen University | Germany
  28. Purdue University | USA
  29. The University of California | Santa Barbara, USA
  30. The University of Pennsylvania | USA

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the types of engineering?

Here are  lists Of some Engineering types:
Computer Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Robotics Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Online Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Biomechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Marine Engineering
Nanotechnology Engineering
And Many More

Which is the best field in engineering?

Biomedical Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Computer Engineer
Civil Engineering
Mining Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Project Engineer

What qualities do successful engineers have?

Strong in maths and science
Highly logical and detail-oriented
Inventive and creative
Excellent communication skills
Enjoy working in teams
Enjoy building or enhancing the way objects work

Which engineering is best for ISRO?

Compute Science Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Engineering 

My Opinion

I have experienced that in India, the education system is behind as compared to other countries. Because according to the developing technology, our teaching method and materials should be updated.

Our education system should pay attention to the practical part, not on the theory parts. Our engineering syllabus should be revised and get an update with new technical terms.

The teacher should focus on practicing to make practical, easier for the students. But it takes time to make all these changes. Now, what to do?

You can use an external source like online courses and take the help of the internet to get updated in the technology world. And learn new things related to the upgrading technology, which is not mentioned in your syllabus.

Find the best things which are going to help in engineering do that online course. There are tonnes of courses related to your topic; some are paid, and some are free.

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