How to Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

What is SEO?

The best way to define website SEO is by how search engines organize their results. Search engines all use sophisticated mathematical equations known as ‘algorithms’ that take into account the “ranking factors” in which websites rank about providing search engine users with these links, which are very relevant and essential to their question. These algorithms look at industry secrets, but there are basic guidelines that will improve any website.

Use headers and sub-headers

By using header and sub-header, it makes the content and page cleaner to understand.

The search engine also examines your website. The Google crawler recognizes your header and sub-header, and it uses them to rank your post in search engines.

Link your previous content

By linking your last post, you are making backlink which helps your post to rank. The backlink helps the robot to find a better article related to the word. You can also create backlink in other’s posts to get traffics on your site. 

Choosing keyword

First, before writing a post, choose the right keyword and check the competition on google. While writing a post using that keyword as much as possible for better SEO. Also insert that keyword in the title, heading, in the article, meta description, tags, and alt tags


The image makes your article attractive it the most important. But here the twist many beginners start a high-resolution image in there post which make there post speed loading slow, and it affects the SEO. The best way is to compress the size of the image and then upload it to make the post SEO friendly and load the post faster.


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