Google AdSense Working


Welcome to a new post on Google Adsense. In this, we will learn about Google Adsense in depth. Nowadays, blogging is trending, and everyone is writing a blog. The best Advertisement for blogging is Google Adsense, in this post, I had explained in steps below.

Sign up for Google AdSense

Go to Adsense official site.

Sign in using your Google Id.

Now enter your site URL which you want to apply for Adsense.

If you’re using Blogger or YouTube, which are Google products, The set up for Adsense will end up at Save and Continue.

Select Your Country.

Accept the Terms and Condition of Adsense.

Then click on Create Account.

What is AdSense?

Adsense or Google Adsense is a product of Google, which helps to advertise your site. Adsense uses AI, which allows your website to advertise Advertisement related to your viewer, this helps your viewer to engage and Adsense create a high chance that viewer will click on that advertisement. This can increase your revenue faster using Google Adsense. This product of Google, which is Google Adsense, was launched in 2003 bye Google which is very popular and used by almost every blogger.

Google AdSense Working

One should be 18+ age for eligible Google Adsense, If you are below 18, Google Adsense allows you to use your parent document to verify. Google Adsense is the best source where one can apply for the best value earning.

Google Adsense works on the principle of CPC (cost per click) when any advertisement is clicked by the viewer on every click it gives the 68% to the publisher. The amount you earn from Google Adsense depends on your CPC. So choose a high CPC keyword and write an SEO friendly post.


Beginners think that they can click on their ads and earn money from Google Adsense, This is the biggest mistake they are doing. It may ban their Google Adsense Account. Google analyze everything on your site that your Advertisement is clicked by yourself or other sources. If you’re driving paid traffic which is clicking on ads, then Google Adsense will suspend your Adsense Account.

There are many tools that can help you to find the right CPC keywords. You can also use Google product, Gooogle keyword planner which gives you low competition and high CPC keywords.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

It entirely depends on the niche you choose for your site, and you can earn 1$ to 2$ per 1000 Impression. You can earn up to 40$ to 60$ if your page views cross 40,000 views.


CPM Cost Per Mile, the mile word is originated from the Latin word Mile mean Thousand. CPM is used for marketing term purpose. CPM means Cost Per 1000 Impressions.

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