Product Based Placements

Get Product Based Placement 40 Lakhs/Year

Get Product Based Companies Placement 40 Lakhs/Year

Hello, guys Techno Tanveer here. If you are searching for product-based company placement, then this post is for you. You are at the right place to learn from basics to advance for internships.

In this article, I have listed each and everything. You have to read the full post clearly for better product-based company placements. In between, I have discussed some tips which you can follow to crack a high paying product-based company placement.

If you are a student who passes out your HSC examination, then this post is like a treasure for you. And if you are Second year or Third-year student, you can also follow steps which I listed below.

Let me clear a doubt which usually a student gets, they think that if he/she got admission in a regular college, they believe that they can not get a high paying placement. Don’t worry; I’m here to solve your problem. You can get product-based placement in a top paying company, and you have to apply for off-campus placement.

If you follow the proper steps, which are listed below, as I mentioned before, if you just joined your college after your HSC exam, then it can be easy for you. Now some of them maybe are from the second year or third year. For those, I’ll suggest to them that they follow the same steps, but they have to give some extra efforts.

Step 1 Language

Now many of the students get confused, which is the best language to learn for a better product-based placement.

C++ and JAVA are essential languages to learn for placements. Practically students mostly prefer C++ and JAVA, although they know Python. Mostly the companies organized examination based on C++ and JAVA. Rarely companies ask questions related to Python language.

For placement, you don’t require multiple language knowledge. I suggest you learn C++ and JAVA. After your placement, if your company needs any other language, they will provide you with your senior where you can grab the knowledge. It will take only 10 to 15 days to learn a new language. 

We are now proceeding to our next steps.

Step 2 Data Structure and Algorithm

Data structure and Algorithm are essential. If you learn Data structure and Algorithm, then no one can stop you from grabbing the best paying placements. Both of these should be thorough throughout the year.

Note  The above two steps must be completed before your first-semester examination.

Step 3 Polish Your Coding skills

Most of the students make mistakes here. In these steps, you should keep polishing your coding skills. Because practice makes a man better. So here, I have handpicked some of the sites where you can practice your coding skills. And also the sites provide you some competition and challenge to solve. These sites can make your skill upgrade, which helps you to overcome the coding round, in product-based placements.

Step 4 Theory

In this part, many of the students take it lightly. But this part will help you to crack the MCQs asked during your placements. The list below I provided should be clear. The student must attain the lecture listed below.

  • System Design
  • Networking
  • Operating System
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Software Testing

Step 5 The END

These steps must be practice before two months of your placements. During your summer break, you must practice your coding on these sites, which I listed below.

If you do the above steps correctly, then you are adequately prepared. Now you can crack any placement which will come to your college and get high paying placements.

Let see the product-based company placements procedure.

Placement Procedure

Placement Procedure

% criteria

If you are applying for an on-campus or off-campus for placements, the first thing, they see your %. They don’t see your SSC or HSC result. They will only see your college % throughout the year. So maintain your % in every year of your college. Many students down their % in the first year that may affect during placements.

MCQ and Coding Round

As I mentioned above in step four, Theory, it helps you to crack the MCQs question. And other steps help you in your coding round.

Technical Interview

Again steps four Theory part helps you to answer your question and as well as steps five. 

HR Interview

They will ask some question related to you like:-

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • How would you improve our current product or service?
  • What questions do you have for me?

How to Apply for Off-Campus Placement

Due to a healthy competition in off-campus placement, a strategy and proper development are essential.

How to Apply for Off-Campus Placement

Create a Professional Resume

HR and Talent Acquisition team pays a very short interval of period scrolling through your Resume. And many companies filter out the Resume with keyword related to the company. So if you are writing a resume, then the first research keyword related to that company. One tip for writing a professional resume is to use technical words that attract the reader. Using technical terms increase your chance of getting a product-based placement.

Practice Coding

When you apply for an off-campus placement, most of the companies take your online test for your coding skills. So practicing your coding expertise will keep you upgrading, and that can helps you to crack the coding round.

Do Proper Research

Collect as much information as feasible regarding the organizations you want to get placement. Visit the official site of that company for the latest update. Join the community page if possible, answer some questions there, which may increase the visibility of yours towards the company.

Create a Linkedin Profile 

The Linkedin profile must be look-alike professional. Linkedin is an essential part of your off-campus placement. If you don’t have a Linkedin account, create now. This social media helps you to connect with people who can help you in off-campus placement.

Search For Referral

The above step makes you help in finding a referral for your off-campus placement. Now let have a look at what referral do and how they get paid? Suppose you are select for Microsoft company, and through you, any employee comes to the company you will get paid for that. So if you have a good skill, then getting a referral is easy for you.

Apply in Bulk

If you are going for off-campus than you should apply for the company in bulk as much as you can. Shot in the darkThere are some sites where you can apply:-

If you have any doubt product-based companies placement, feel free to ask in the comment box below and share this article amongst your friends, which can help them with better placements. And if you have any suggestions drop into the comment box which can help junior to get a product based company placement.

What to Study For Placements?

Now you know what the placement procedure is and how to apply off-campus placement. Now, let’s discuss what to study for product-based companies placements. If you do all these which has presented in this section, then you are ready to crack the product based companies. Here are some checklists you have to follow to study for your placements.


In language, we have a choice of two programming languages, C++ or Java. Choose one of them and master yourself in that language if you don’t know where to learn to code visite here Best Resources To Learn Code.

DS (Data Structure)

  • Array
  • Linked List
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Heap
  • Hashing
  • Graph
  • Matrix
  • String
  • Tree


  • Sorting
  • Divide and conquer
  • Greedy
  • Backtracking
  • Dynamic programming (Important)
  • Geometric Algo

Subjective Wise

  • OS
  • DBMS
  • OOPS
  • Computer Networking
  • Algo/Compiler

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