Get High-Quality SEO Backlinks

Get High-Quality SEO Backlinks

  Hey, Buddies, welcome back to Techno Tanveer, Our today’s subject is how to Get High-Quality SEO Backlinks. Let’s take some questions which can get into your brain. What is a backlink? Does backlink is benefited you in the ranking? How to build backlinks? Where to create backlink?. And several more topics. Now I’ll explain all the questions in this post, stay tuned and read carefully to make SEO backlinks and quality backlinks.

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What is a backlink?

Backlinks exist in two types Do-follow backlinks & No-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks have a higher value than no-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are said to be high-quality backlinks. Do follow backlinks boost your domain authority and support your site in SEO. 

 You can get backlinks from various ways. The most reliable and decent is to request a site admin which are similar to your site and write a guest post and ask for a backlink from a higher domain authority website to increase your SEO. You can also create a profile on a site which provide you backlinks they can either Do-follow or No-follow backlinks. 

FAQ Related to Backlinks

Q. How long do Backlinks take to work?

Ans. It depends on you from where you have taken backlink to your site. If that website has a better domain authority, then your backlink will be recognized as a high-quality backlink. And Google will crawl that website where Google will get your backlink, which you have built on that high authority website. After that, according to the Google algorithm, it will think that if your site is getting a high-quality backlink from a high authority site. 

It will boost your website authority, too, which supports you to place on the first page of the Google search engine.

 You can do manually some work that google will come to that site and crawl that site and obtain your backlink and index that in Google search engine.

Q. How I can get free Backlinks and where?

Ans. You can request backlinks from your friend if he/she is writing any blog post. You can also link his/her website link to your website, which helps you and your friend both will get backlinks.

Write a guest post for a high authority website, and aks the admin to post that on his/her website.

Explain the question on Quora and provide the link for your website. After that, if a visitor reads the answer. There is a possibility that the reader will click on the link that you have provided.

Use your Social media to promote your website, share the link of your website on social media, which benefits from getting more traffic to your site. If your social media allow you to deliver your weblink on the profile page, then place your website link that segment.

Q. Does Backlink help your site in the ranking?

Ans. Yes, it improves your website a lot to rank on the front page on Google. If you are taking a high-quality backlink from a high authority website, then it also gives some authority to your website, which indicates to Google that this website should appear on the front page.

Q. Can I create a backlink On Wikipedia?

 Ans. Yes, you can. Wikipedia is a high-authority website. If you are receiving a backlink from Wikipedia, then you can rank quickly on Google. Now challenge become how to create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Q. How to create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Ans. Choose a post from your site, which is nicely written, then go to google and search for wiki grabber in that search, keyword related to your post. Then click on a dead link, the dead link is that link which has been removed or changed to another URL. Now choose that link that has Wikipedia to its suffix.
After this, create an account on Wikipedia, then go to that dead link and provide your post link. And update it.


I hope this post helps you a lot. If you have any doubts or problems, feel free to ask. I’ll respond as soon as possible. If you have any recommendations, put in the comment box below. Have a great day. signing out Techno Tanveer

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