Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube videos

Download YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube videos is not so tricky. You can download YouTube videos easily by merely following these steps. If thou are searching for YouTube video download methods for mobile, desktop, then this report is for you.

You can also download videos for all platforms like Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. You can download videos using Apps or directly from websites. Most importantly, these apps give you a selection to download any file format. The most basic are 3GP,MP4,AVI,MOV etc.This selection affects video quality but not the sound quality.

Because YouTube provides the same sound quality for 480p and 1080p, so pick your video quality. This post includes all types of video formats from MP3 to MP4, AVI., MOV, and 4K videos.

Best Video Downloader for Android

Download YouTube videos in PC 

If you want to download videos instantly to your PC, then you can use two methods. One uses a Software, and another is without any software. For a second, you can use online tools to download YouTube videos online.

YouTube Downloader Software

There exist lots of software ready for downloading YouTube videos. But here we will consider Ummey Video Downloader. You can download your PC and install it. To download videos from YouTube, you can copy-paste the video link and click the download button.

You can download 1080p to 3GP. You can download MP3 versions of any video.
Click here to download – Ummey Downloader
You can use a 4k video downloader. This tool is an alternative of Ummey Downloader, offers the same features as the Ummey Downloader.

Online tools for downloading videos

You can download videos from online tools. The tool also has comparable features, like offline tools. To use these tools, google savefromnet or go directly to the website. Copy-paste the YouTube video URL and download the video from the site. You can select any file format of your preference.

How to download YouTube video on the phone

If you need to download videos on your phone, then you can use Apps or online tools. Android and iPhone do not support third-party software to download videos.

So you require to download third-party apps for Android to download videos. And it would better if you had Apps like Document to download videos on iPhone. Follow these simple steps to download videos from YouTube on your phone.

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YouTube Video Downloader for Android

To download videos from YouTube, you can use Apps like Tubemate. However, You can search it on Google and install it on your phone. You need to enable install from an unknown source to use this app.

If you don’t want to use third-party Apps, then you can follow these steps. Open the video in a mobile browser. Next, edit the URL and put ss before that link example You can use savefromnet to download videos from YouTube on your Smart Phone. That already explained at the start.

YouTube Video Downloader for iPhone

If you need to download videos from YouTube on your iPhone, then follow these steps. Use Apps like Document to download the video. Then open that link in the Document browser. Then copy-paste the link and download any video format you require.

How to download YouTube playlist

You can download the full playlist from YouTube. For instance, to download a playlist from YouTube use the tools like 4K Downloader or Ummey Video Downloader. This tool also serves as a YouTube playlist downloader. This method helps to save heaps of time if you require all the videos in the playlist.

Download YouTube Videos In MP3 Formats

Seldom you need the MP3 version of a video. YouTube is the best source for high-quality videos with the best sound quality. But downloading the MP3 file is not easy on the official’s app. Thou can download the video from YouTube and store it on your YouTube App.

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But third party Tools offers the best way to download the MP3 version of YouTube Videos. Similarly, You can make use of ummey video downloader,4K video downloader, or online tools like wavefront. Choose mp3 when you download the video. It will download the MP3 version of the video.

Most importantly, the sound quality will not be compromised. You will get the best sound quality. These are some of the methods that will helps thou download YouTube videos on any device.


Downloading YouTube videos is beneficial if you want to watch videos later. It is more helpful if you have low mobile data. So you can utilize WiFi to download the videos. Furthermore, it benefits you to download and watch the video for free time. Also, you can get the video format of your preference.

Nevertheless, downloading YouTube videos using a third-party tool is not supported. It is corresponding to the YouTube policy. You can only download a video if you have authorization from the producer also if you own the rights to the videos. Still, you can use YouTube official Apps to download the video straight to your phone. You can additionally use YouTube Premium, which has numerous features. If you find this post useful, Then you must share it with your friends. If you have some unique suggestions for downloading youTube videos, then please let us know by directly commenting below.

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