Best Video Downloader for Android

Best Video Downloader for Android

Best Video Downloader for Android

We all enjoy watching videos on the web. Why not videos are the most useful channel for entertainment. There are numerous sites where you can view videos for free. YouTube is a standout amongst the several leading and most vital video sharing places.

Due to its simple to use interface and extensive vast database, YouTube is gaining more fame day by day. Youtube is the spot where you can see any videos without paying money. All you require an internet connection. Now each time you want to see the video, you need an internet connection, and this not possible. In such a case, you can download those videos and view them anytime thou desire.


The powerful first App is YouTube itself. In the youtube app, you have remarked that it has a new feature, Offline. Thou can use that feature for the download the video and keep it offline and watch it without the Internet. To practice that feature, all you need to begin the video you want to save and touch on the download symbol (Right Below the video) it will ask you video quality choose one and tap at “Ok.”

There thou go, it will download that video for thou, and soon thou can watch it anywhere you require — all thou should do open the app and go to offline option. Touch on the video, and it will play. This app is the most useful for the Youtube video downloader app.

Here is a difficulty. Youtube doesn’t allow to download all videos offline. Unspecified videos can’t be download. There is no need to bother, and there are several other apps that can do this job very hastily.

AVD Download Video

AVD Download Video is the most reliable video downloader. The app has a clean and straightforward interface. The different part of the app is you can download the video from any site you need. The app has its browser, you explore the video, click on the particular link of the video, while the menu appears on the screen, choose AVD as the downloader, and now you good to go. Your video is download into your phone or sd card. Merely a few clicks and your favorite video is within your reach. This app additionally has a video player, so you don’t have to use some other video player to play these videos.

The downloaded video automatically saved it inside your smartphone gallery unless thou can transfer it to your SD card for sharing the purpose.


TubeMote is the app with a simple interface, and there are not various options you need to know. The app has already entered the site, where thou can download the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. You need to choose the location and browse the video you want to download for later.

Touch on the + button, and it will ask you where do you want to keep the video. You can additionally build the playlist, so; it will be simple for thou next time you want to see the video thou can quickly navigate that. There is also a Share option, so you can effortlessly share any video you want.

Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader is the best tool to downloads the Youtube video. As the title states, it has more social sites to download the videos. You can download Any Video from social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.

All you need to launch the app, select the social site, and explore the video. Choose the video, and it will further provide you the quality option. You can download the video in different Quality: MP3, MP4, HD 720, HD 1080, 480P, etc.


The VMate is the best video downloader app for Android devices, which comes with tons of features. You can view and download videos from certain places immediately. You can also see movies, live TV, videos, a song from the number of sources. The app carries the data from youtube and allows thou to download the videos.

To download the videos, you have to open the video, and at the bottom of the video, you’ll find the quality and download option. Choose the video quality and click on the download option. There you go, your video will be download within a few minutes, and now you can enjoy that even if you don’t have the Internet.

FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVD is another video download App is free. You can download the video from any site. The app interface is not much fancy; it is a straightforward app so that you won’t face any problem regarding interaction. To download that video, you need to launch the App and Go to the browser, browse the videos by its name, and open that.

Now Tap on the download option, and it will ask you to choose the video quality select that as per your requirement, and it will download. Now to manage your downloaded video, here is also My video option. You can watch your downloaded videos over there.

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