Best Resources To Learn Code

Best Resources To Learn Code

Best Resources to Learn Coding
Best Resources to Learn Code

In this article, I’m going to cover what are the best resources to learn to code & how to choose the right project to work on and many more related to the programming language.

Learn Some Programming Fundamental

To learn the fundamental of programming language. I recommend you a very interactive website CodeCademy and freeCodeCamp. These websites are user friendly for the beginner.

These websites provide you with an IDE within the website where you can start typing your code right away and run that code within site.

The plus point of this site is that if you don’t have any IDE install on your computer, you can directly practise on that site without installing anything.

So, check out these websites, which are super helpful for the beginner.

Visit: Codecademy

Visit: freeCodeCamp

If you prefer learning from videos instead of reading too much, I’ll recommend sites likes the Plural Sight and Lynda. Both these sites are amazing and have lots of content related to different types of programming languages.

Visit: Plural Sight

visit: Lynda

Al last but not least, everyone’s favourite platform is Youtube. Yes, you heard right Youtube. There are tons of courses available on youtube which can help you out to learn to code.

Visit: YouTube

After completing your fundamental of a programming language, fundamentals like data types, variable, arrays, if statements, function or methods, loops, classes, etc.

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Build A Personal Project

So once you have reached this step, the most common question comes, how should I choose the right project to work on.

There are three criteria which have to follow while choosing your project to build using coding knowledge.

Criteria 1

First of all, you have to choose that project only that you are interested in building. Example, if you love mathematic, you should try to develop a website or App based on mathematic using your power of coding knowledge.

Criteria 2

You should keep in mind that you don’t have to create an advanced project. You have to start with a smaller and simpler project.

Criteria 3

You should choose a project that is useful to yourself or someone else. In this way, it gives you motivation in your coding journey and encourages yourself that your project is working for yourself as well as for others.

Ideas for StartUp Project

  1. Simple website
  2. Smart Switch Home App
  3. To-do list App
  4. Tetris Simple Game
  5. Sudoku
  6. Maths Formula App
  7. Calculator
  8. Tic Tac Toe Game

Debugging Errors

After learning the programming fundamentals, once you started building your first App or any other Project. You will come up with some errors which will discourage you in your projects.

It’s very likely to stuck on some point which coding. Here you don’t have to discourage yourself because programming is hard. But when you stuck on an error, it’s essential to know how to debug that error. The first thing you should try is Google; copy your error and paste on Google.

There are many websites which solve the problems which occurred. One of the very famous sites is Stack Overflow. This website mainly solves only errors related to programming.

Visit: Stack Overflow


Is Coding Easy To Lean?

The Answer Is YES; The Coding Is Not So Hard To Learn. It Takes Time, and You Should Have Little Patience To Learn Coding. If You Give Time And Your Patience, Coding Is Not Hard To Learn.

Does Coding Require Maths?

Yes, Any Kind Of Coding You’re Doing, You Will Definitely Use Maths. So Before Starting Coding, You Should Learn Some Basic Maths. Maths Help You To Understand The Algorithm Of The Coding.

What Are The Basics Of Coding?

There Some Basic Of Programming Language You Should Learn, As Below Mentioned.
1. Programming Environment
2. Keywords
3. Variables
4. Data Types
5. Function / Methods
6. Logical And Arithmetic Operators
7. Loops
8. If Else Conditions
9. Number, Character, Strings, Arrays
10. Input And Output Operations

What Types Of Programmer Are There?

1. System Programmers
2. Web Programmers
3. Game Programmers
4. Application Programmers

What Is The Best Programming Language For Beginners?

1. Java
2. Python
3. JavaScript
4. Swift

What Are The Thing You Should Learn For Web Developments?

2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. APIs
5. PHP
6. SQL

What Language Are Most Games Coded In?

The Most Popular Language Used In Game Development Is C++.


Hope you find your query by reading this post and found the best resources to learn coding. And you have also chosen a project for yourself. If you find the article helpful, do share with your coder friends.

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