3 Best Payment Gateways

3 Best Payment Gateways

Best Payment Gateways

Welcome you, friend, to a new post here in this post, we have mentioned some of the Best Payment Gateways that allow quick and secure service at the right values.


InstaMojo recommends for those who sell their digital products online, for example, music, eBooks, or videos. InstaMojo is an India based organization that allows ready payment collection opportunities at fair rates. For every successful sale, InstaMojo imposes 1.9%, and if you wish to receive your content on the InstaMojo website, then you will be taxed 5% per purchase.

The payment gateway takes the payment on the user’s account and transfers it to his/her bank statement in three working days after deducting the purchase payment and service tax. For Example, if a person receives $ 100 for any digital goods traded, then $97.83 will be charged to the user’s bank statement after taking $1.9 (charge) + $0.27 (service tax) from the entire amount. There is no service fee needed for InstaMojo, but it doesn’t help multiple currencies, so you cannot use it to take a global payment.


PayKun is the Greatest Payment Gateway in India. Various companies opt for a quiet approval of payment like small startups, big companies, freelancers, YouTubers, bloggers, besides a website, including an application or even without a website. So, if the users own a website or mobile app, they can integrate the checkout directly with its free SDKs and available Plugins for all the significant platforms. If there is no website, then they can provide a checkout to their clients with the help of payment bonds and master links.

They can also offer an installed ‘Pay Now’ button on the website. So, any person or companies can register and begin the Merchant Account at PayKun quickly in a less ampere-hours and begin giving 120+ payment choices to their clients with its checkout including Debit card, Credit cards, Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club, 80+ Net Banking, Wallets, UPI/BHIM and QR Code. PayKun App is free for Android also for iOS so one can control and track the purchases from their smartphones. They have a dedicated maintenance team to fix the customers’ problems as soon as possible within chat, email, and call.

PayKun gives free integration services, and further, there is no setup charge to any registered merchant account. Besides, there are no support charges. There is only 1 charge, and that is per transaction price of only 1.75% plus appropriate GST. Relax ensured, there will not be any concealed charge ever levied against any merchant.


PayPal is the most widespread and one of the most significant global payment program that renders service in more massive than 200 nations and is being used by millions of users over the globe. The organization doesn’t charge users for Yearly Support and gives a high level of protection for every purchase.

If you trade your goods by eBay, then PayPal imposes you 3.9% of the cost + $0.03 per sale, and if thou sell any service or products online from any other site, then it takes 4.4% of the price + USD 0.30 for that as its function. The documentation to begin setting is pretty easy, and users want to confirm their identification, verify the PAN, attach your bank account.

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