Best Music Download App for iPhone

Best Music Download App for iPhone

Best Music Download App for iPhone

Downloading music on the iPhone is a very irritating task if you don’t know the right way. If you are new to the iPhone, thou will meet lots of problems in transferring data or downloading songs on your iPhone. Also, if you go to App Store for music download apps for the iPhone, the most maximum of the apps are paid or have any restrictions. Some free apps which allow the App Store team eliminates free music download due to privacy issue.

The most excellent music downloader app for iPhone must have all the functions like user-friendly interface, vast music Library in all categories, Playlist Creation Facility, Music Search Bar, Music Download option for Offline Playing, and additional standard features.

Here I have listed all the most helpful apps according to their features will also be mentioned whether the app is Free or Paid. So you can instantly choose your desired one.


Pandora is a popular song streaming service in the US, Australia, and NewZealand. It is appreciated for its automated music recommendation according to your desire and flavor. If you choose an artist, it will play a mixed genre and later ask thou for feedback you can give Thumbs-up or down. Then, it understands your taste and compliments your songs.

You can also curate your station or choose from the pre-created genre stations, or other user stations. It plays advertisements in mid songs. It is compatible with practically all your devices Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, TV, and other Home devices.
It has a premium version also (Pandora Plus), but currently available for the US only with charges $4.99/month and Features:

Premium Version Features

  • Listen to AdFree Unlimited Songs
  • Save and Enjoy your Favourite Stations Offline.
  • Skip and Replay All You Need


SoundCloud is one of the best song streaming services with about 150 Million tracks in its database. Besides streaming, thou can also upload your songs and music track. For a Composer or Artist, it is the largest platform that helps you reach you to a vast audience. The user can explore according to Genre, Mood, and Artist, etc. It recommends you Music according to your listening practices and likes. You can also create your playlist of popular songs according to your desires.

It also lets you connect with your colleagues, Artists, and communicate with them. It’s a kind of social networking for music fans. Besides this Lax version, it has premium service, also named Soundcloud Go and Go+, with costs $5.99/month and $12.99/month.


Spotify is one of the most successful song download apps for iPhone in the United States. Now it is available in India also. You can instantly search any Music Track, Artist, or any Album. They have a broad collection of music. You can hear to music online for free on Spotify, and you can also build your playlist and can share it among your colleagues. Or thou can also choose from the suggested or recommended playlist by Artist. You can also save the track to play offline.

Currently, it is limited to some nations only. You can enjoy it with advertisements, or you can have its premium account (ad-free). There are some more features in the premium version.

Premium Features

  • Experience Adfree Music.
  • Enjoy music on all your devices Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Download songs and play it offline without the internet.
  • The sound quality in the premium version is much better than the free version.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music gives you a new way to listen to music, and they have a library of millions of songs with regular current updates. You can explore for their collection and additionally try the pre-created playlists and stations. It will also give you personalized suggestions according to your mood.

Amazon Music is not free, its charge for a premium plan starting from $7.99 with 30 days free trial.

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