Are You a Config Maker? Special Access on UserDB

Are You a Config Maker? Special Access on UserDB

Config Maker

Are You a Config Maker?

  • Need a Special Feature To Make Your Config More Special?
  • Want a Special Access on UserDB?

Do Following Steps:

1. Make an account on UserDB without Disposable Mail. (Fake or Disposable emails will be banned automatically)

2. Tap on Request Here Button. You’ll be redirected to the Request Form Page.

3. Fill on the fields, share the link of configuration which you have made already, you can share telegram post links. Give a valid reason to give you the exclusive access and press Request button.

4. Wait for the approval if you’re approved logout and login again to see the changes.

5. If you’re approved, you can make pages by requesting it.

6. After approval, you’ll find API LINK, token and all pieces of information.

That’s All 😃

  • Let’s take a new step in the config world.
  • This feature will help config users to access their hits remotely.
  • Inappropriate use of UserDB will cause a ban on that user and loss of user data.



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