Apple Pay Adding On Your eCommerce Site

Apple Pay Adding On Your eCommerce Site

Apple Pay! There is an abundance of alternatives for eCommerce merchants when it arrives at receiving payments, with debit and credit cards being the most common. However, with more purchasers using mobile devices than ever before, there’s a change towards more mobile-friendly payments

Apple Pay is one before-mentioned option that allows a quick and secure way for customers to pay you straight from their phones. In this post, we’ll discuss the reason why you should receive Apple Pay on your eCommerce website. We’ll then describe the steps required to set up Apple Pay on your website in moments.

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Reason Why You Should Accept Apple Pay

There are various methods of payment that online merchants can receive: credit cards, debit cards, Cash On Delivery (COD), and even bank transfers. Yet, online retailers are frequently increasing their options to introduce more technology-focused gateways.

One before-mentioned payment option that’s rising over the web is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a manageable payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make payments utilizing debit or credit cards using their smartphones. The user enters their card information once, and then Apple Pay saves the information for prospective use.

The information can only be reached and worked via Touch ID or Face ID, whether you’re doing shopping online or in-store.

Why should you choose Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a fast and secure way for online customers to pay for your products and services, and it’s also a well-trusted center of payment. The Apple Pay symbol is expected to support you gain the trust of your customers, and people may be more inclined to buy from you, apprehending that their payment is protected.

The option is also almost easy to set up on your WordPress website.

 Setting Up Apple Pay for WordPress

If you need to add non-native functionality to WordPress, there are two methods to do so: through code or by installing plugins. When it comes to attaching payment gateway options such as Apple Pay, plugins will give the most prosperous and most agile route.

A fast search of the WordPress Plugin Directory will give a few highly-rated choices, and they each possess one point in common, they are all extensions for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is WordPress’s favored eCommerce plugin, which allows users to sell both physical and digital assets by their website. It will enable various standard eCommerce specialties, includes an array of payment gateways.

Apple Pay for WooCommerce is most quickly set up via Stripe. This implies that a blend of WooCommerce and Stripe will allow you to instantly and securely attach Apple Pay to your WordPress website.

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Apple Pay for WooCommerce via Stripe

This easy-to-follow three-step method will allow you to start accepting Apple Pay payments on your WordPress site in merely fewer minutes. There are three steps as follows

1 Install WooCommerce on Your Site

The initial step requires you to connect and activate WooCommerce on your WordPress site. Luckily, this is easy, and it needs just fewer minutes.

From the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New. Search for WooCommerce utilizing the search bar, and click Enter.

Find the official WooCommerce plugin and hit Install Now

Once the installation is finished, the Install Now will display Activate. Click Activate, and you’re set to begin.


2 Set Up Stripe for WooCommerce

Ere you can start with this next step, you’ll need to be assured that you own an SSL Certificate on your site.

SSL Certificates will assure that interactions among your consumers’ browsers and your online server are encrypted.

Once this is taken care of, you’ll require to allow Stripe payments through the WooCommerce plugin.

To do this, you’ll require to install one more extra plugin on your site WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway. Once WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway installed, you can revert to the WooCommerce plugin’s Settings to proceed.

Find WooCommerce inside the dashboard’s left-hand side menu and click Settings from the drop-down. Then, click the Payment tab.

Scroll down till you notice Stripe Credit Card and toggle it ON.

You also require to connect your Stripe account and insert your account keys.

To do that, click Set up near to the recently-toggled Stripe gateway. It’s here that you’ll require to enter your Publishable Key and your Secret Key, both of which can be discovered within your Stripe account.

Paste your keys into their identical field and Save changes. Your WooCommerce and Stripe accounts are now connected.

3 Permit Apple Pay Within Stripe

Now it’s time to allow Apple Pay on your site, and you can do this from the corresponding menu where you recently entered your account keys.

Mark the box close to Payment Request Buttons.

That option will automatically authorize Apple Pay whenever a customer makes payment via Stripe.

Now Save changes, and you’re all achieved!

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