Android Features That Doesn’t Exist On iPhone

Android Features That Doesn’t Exist On iPhone

Android Features That Doesn't Exist On iPhone

Android is severely popular. The mobile operating system is established on over 3 billion devices across the globe, a number that’ll only progress to increase as Google and third-party vendors proceed to sell new smartphones.

Android is amazingly popular for its vast collection of features, many of which you won’t find on iOS, at least not with the equivalent level of customization.

So without further due, here is a roundup of the best Android features that are sure to inflame jealousy amongst the Apple faithful.

More About Android

Android is an operating system that compensates users that are keen to explore with it and read up on its freshest and most prominent features.

While that may not be for everyone, it surely gives you a sense of tangible activity when you find a new tool you never comprehended existed.

The operating system’s developer setting is an excellent example. You don’t find developer settings on your Android phone out the box.

Rather, you’ll require to hit your phone’s build number and tap it many times until a prompt seems to show you developer settings have been unlocked.

The secret Android menu can be practiced to make a number of tweaks to your smartphone, but by far, our favorite is the strength to speed up your phone by decreasing its animation times thoroughly.

If you scroll to roughly half-way through developer settings, you’ll be presented with three choices that suggest animations.

They are the following: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale

By default, these all be set to 1x. However, setting them to 0.5x will deliver your phone appear noticeably faster.

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The Google Assistant

Although Google Assitant available on iOS, the Google Assistant is superintended from the ground-up for Android devices.

The friendly helper appears pre-installed on most Android phones and can be directed just by saying the words “Okay Google” at any time anywhere, or by squeezing your device if you have a Pixel handset.

The Assistant also runs harmoniously with Google’s variety of apps, too. That means it can prompt you to get to a meeting or set timers for you with a single command and much more extra.

The freedom of choosing

Android gives users the right to decide what apps they need to use as their default.

Want to use Chrome as your primary browser instead of a Browser?

No problem.

Desire to use Facebook Messenger as your go-to SMS app? Go ahead. You can do it.

In the Settings of any Android phones, you’ll find a section given to default apps.

As the title implies, this enables you to choose the apps you require the device to use as a standard.

Use two apps at once

Smartphone displays are becoming larger and larger, which indicates it’s more attractive than ever to divide your screen in two so you can use two apps simultaneously.

To initiate split-screen apps on Android, all you necessitate to do is load up your multitasking view and press on an open app icon.

This will grant users with three choices that will enable you to get more info regarding the app, put it in a split-screen view.

As the name suggests, the split-screen feature will ensure one app appoints one half of your display, and a second takes up the other.

The feature makes it much more comfortable with multitasking on Android phones.

Wallpapers that never get dull

Ever get annoyed with your wallpaper on iPhone and have to search the web to find a replacement?

That’s something Android supporters don’t possess to deal with. Many Android smartphone vendors include carousel wallpaper choices where a particular background will vary during the course of a day or vary from one day to another.

Then there are live wallpapers that, as the name infers, include some kind of action that’ll keep yourself interested.

Android launchers

If you don’t like the user interface of your Android smartphone, you can simply redesign it by downloading a third-party launcher.

Nova Launcher is simply one of the most widespread Android launchers; it provides for endless numbers of customization so you can make your home screen, app drawer, and app icons look precisely the way you need.

Nova Launcher aside, there are a ton of additional launchers on the Play Store – even Microsoft is getting in on the movement with its aptly titled Microsoft Launcher.

Watch video wherever

Google introduced a system-wide picture-in-picture mode on Android 8 Oreo in 2017.

Since then, users have been ready to be on videos from the likes of YouTube in a small pane on-screen while making other things done.

While iPhone users have the feature in a few apps, like WhatsApp, it’s certainly not as popular as it is on Android.

Picture-in-picture functionality isn’t just restricted to video though, a number of additional apps like Google Maps also support it, too.

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