Advanced Artificial Intelligence Future

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Future

Artificial Intelligence

The epoch 2020 is now Artificial Intelligence. The computer is given human-like thinking, creating a machine to think of its own. Does it help human beings to provide thinking power to a computer?. 

So stay tuned with us to explore fantastic eye-opener facts associated with Artificial Intelligence. Everything has a good as well as a lousy point. Nothing in this world is perfect. So let’s get an explanation to some questions related to Artificial Intelligence. By Techno Tanveer.

Artificial Intelligence Future

Artificial Intelligence has an immense future. It is creating human life more convenient. But with this, it hits the financial system. In the future, everything is computerized, and there is no job for human beings. Most people will become unemployed.

Artificial Intelligence Examples

  • Flights Use an AI Autopilot
  • Spam Filters (Mails & SMS)
  • Smart Email Categorization
  • Plagiarism Checkers
  • Robo-readers
  • And many more

    Let’s have a look in detail.

Spam Filters

 Nowadays, we received multiple emails. Some are important, and some are useless. Adopting Artificial Intelligence, we have some advanced email filtering. You have noticed your email is categorized in different categories like Primary mails, Social mails, Promotion, and Spam mails. 

Artificial Intelligence uses the database system and separates the emails and provides you in a more reliable way, which helps you a lot. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance your email inbox, where you can get your most important email in a VIP option. 


 Google is working on Gmail, which can respond to your email of its own. You have to set up some configuration. So let’s wait and see what will be different in the future based on Artificial Intelligence.

Google Search

 Google, Everyone is familiar with this. Have you ever assume that while exploring Google, it automatically provides you with relevant recommend according to your habit. It handles all data that you search for what you read and various more things. It examines and offers you the most useful result relevant to your doubt.


  Trendy Application of Google, you have heard ‘YouTube.’ It is the best illustration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Have you ever imagine about why you are getting your YouTube home page according to whatever you prefer. It handles your search and watched data to provide you a more enjoyable YouTube video.


 Approximately 90% of the people are practising Social media. One of them is Facebook. Facebook uses AI in its Application, which provides its user with an appropriate content according to their demands.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most notable example of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I have personally witnessed it. It traces your all explorations and transfers them to Google to analyze. After Google interprets, it transmits to Google Adsense, and Google Adsense show ads related to what you have search. 

Eg. I visited and explore for Macbook Pro 16 Inch, Now if I will investigate to another website on the internet, it will show ads related to MacBook Pro 16 inch. These are achievable with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


 We’ve started to expose instances of AI and ML in everyday life. Specific businesses and diversions have an ongoing association with AI a long way past what is investigated in this article. For example, easygoing chess players consistently use AI-fueled chess engines to break down their games and practice strategies, and bloggers typically use mailing-list benefits that utilization ML to streamline peruser commitment and open-rates.

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