5 Reasons Why Your Site Traffic Decrease

5 Reasons Why Your Site Traffic Decrease

5 Reasons Why Your Site Traffic Decrease

Is your site traffic decrease day by day? If yes, then here are some reasons why your blog traffic decreases. There are many reasons to mention in this post, but there is some major mistake which a blogger do at the start and starts losing traffic from blog. Are you one of them? If yes, don’t worry. After reading this post, you will improve your ranking on search engines by avoiding the mistakes mentioned below.

Bringing traffic to a new blog is complicated and hard, losing traffic it hurts.
Due to digital India, the number of bloggers is increasing day by day. If we go back and earlier, there is not enough competition in blogging as compared to now. This is the main reason for which your blog traffic decreases.

In this post, I will explain to you the most significant errors, which are the reasons for low website traffic. If you’re a blogger and want to understand these mistakes, then read the below-given details carefully.

1. Not Focusing On Headlines

This is the most common and colossal error made by the blogger. I usually see many bloggers who write the most useful and excellent article, but because of their Headline, people scroll down and don’t read that post.
Bloggers should write a compelling and attractive headline.

If you look at that Headline, you will not leave without reading that article. Such a post becomes attracted by millions of users due to the attractive heading.

Readers don’t have sufficient time to read your whole post well. The user decides to read your post based on your title. Users are judging your post by the title of your article. According to a research report, 8 out of 10 users only read the title; the rest 2 reads your complete article.

Way to Write a Best Headline

  • The title should be so that the whole post can be guessed.
  • Use numbers in the Headline.
  • Use emotional words in the Headline.
  • Use your Focus Keywords in the Titles
  • Hint something Exciting.
  • Invoke the importance of clicking on.

2. Duplicate Content

Keep in mind that content is the king. Always compose your own original and quality content. Don’t duplicate content from another site.
If you were copying the content of other sites and posted it on your site then, it will come under copy content or duplicate content whenever you copied other sites’ content and posted it on your website.

Google algorithms will catch you because the content you copied is already recorded and crawled in Google. If you copied that and posted it on another site, Google will penalize your website under the Panda Update.

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3. Not Having A Mobile-friendly site.

If your blog is not mobile-friendly, then rising traffic will be challenging for you. Not only Today, but google has been concentrating on the mobile-optimized blog long ago.

Google has made every conceivable effort to make mobile optimization much easier and has started many tools and projects. You would know that in 2016, AMP was started by Google for mobile optimization.
If you want to drive traffic on the blog, optimize for mobile-friendly.

4. Not Formatting Blog Properly

The formatting in a clean way of your blog is essential. You should have a proper category and search bar. All these things should easily accessible to the user.
You should create your blog design in a minimal way, which helps the user to interact easily.

If your blog/site is not designed correctly, then the visitor won’t wish to revisit your blog. And this leads to the low traffic to your site.

The best formatting can increase your traffic if you have less content also. Because the correct format makes the users understand easily.
Use short paragraphs in the article, use a simplistic font, use bullet points for point or list.

Things to do while formatting Your Blog

  • Use H1, H2, or H3 tags for Titles.
  • Add the content of the table.
  • Add the link to the related post in the post.
  • Add an attractive and engaging image.
  • Add video, which makes the visitor engaging.
  • Add an infographic image, if possible.
  • Don’t repeat your primary keyword much.

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5. Page Speed

Loading slow leads to rank down your blog. The site which loads faster google ranks them on the first page. If your site loading is slow, but the content is good, Google will not list that page.

One more reason if the content gets ranked and if your page speed is slow, then the bounce rate will increase, and this bounce rate sends to the search engine; then, it will automatically rank down your content.
If your site loads slower, you will lose the visitor to your blog.

Q. Want to check out your site speed?
If Yes. Visit here.

Ways To Make Your Site load Faster

  • Enable Compression
  • Minify your CSS, JAVA, and HTML.
  • Optimize your image
  • Reduce server response time.
  • Choose the best Hosting.
  • Use a CDN ( Content Delivery Network)
  • Delete deactivated plugins and themes.


How we can check the traffic of the website?

Use the Google Analytics tool, which is the best tools provided by Google. You have to set up for your website to analyze your website. There are other plugins also available within WordPress like Jetpack.

How to get more traffic to the website?

To get traffic on the website, you can choose various digital marketing methods according to your requirements and budget.
You can focus on these tactics:
SMO (Social Media Optimization)
SEO (Search engine Optimization)

Why my website is losing traffic?

1. Not Focusing On Headlines
2. Duplicate Content
3. Not Having A Mobile-friendly site
4. Not Formatting Blog Properly
5. Page Speed

Why is my website traffic going down?

Duplicate Content
Broken Redirects
Algorithm Changes
High Competition
Page Speed
Server Issues
Bad Quality Link Penalties
Internal Navigation
Server Overload

How can I speed up my website?

Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
Enable compression
Optimize images
Reduce redirects
Enable compression
Enable browser caching
Choose the right hosting
Use a content distribution network (CDN)
Improve server response time
Reduce image sizes
Leverage browser caching
Remove render-blocking JavaScript


Due to all these mistakes, your blog ranking goes down. So now, you have learned how to optimize your blog and rank on Google.

All the mentioned reasons above de-rank your site, there is also another reason, but these are the significant reasons.
I hope this article will help you to rank your site better if the above tactics help you, then do comment down below and write a comment that which mistake you are making.

Don’t forget to share this article if you find it helpful.

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